curriculum vitae


Ph.D., M. Phil., English, The Graduate School and University Center of the City University of New York, NY, 2003.

B.A., Liberal Arts, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY, 1986.

Teaching & Related Work

Professor, Department of English, Bronx Community College, Bronx, NY, 2017-present

Associate Professor, Department of English, Bronx Community College, Bronx, NY, 2012-17

Assistant Professor, Department of English, Bronx Community College, Bronx, NY, 2007-12

Visiting Associate Professor, Master of Arts Program in Disability Studies, CUNY School of Professional Studies, Spring 2017.

Visiting Associate Professor, Minor in Disability Studies (Philosophy Department & Department of English), Lehman College, Spring 2013 & Fall 2015; Visiting Professor, Spring 2018

Visiting Assistant Professor, Literature Faculty, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY, 2003-2004; 2005-2006.

Adjunct Professor, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, The Cooper Union, New York, NY, Spring 2006.




Autistic Disturbances: Theorizing Autism Poetics from the DSM to Robinson Crusoe. University of Michigan Press, forthcoming.

The Madwoman and the Blindman: Jane Eyre, Discourse, Disability. Eds. David Bolt, Julia Miele Rodas, and Elizabeth Donaldson. Columbus: Ohio State University Press, 2012.

book series

Literary Disability Studies (New Palgrave Macmillan Book Series). Eds. David Bolt, Elizabeth Donaldson, and Julia Miele Rodas. [The first book series dedicated to the exploration of literature and literary topics from a disability studies perspective. Focused on literary content and informed by disability theory, disability research, disability activism, and disability experience.]

Titles in the series:


      • Tuberculosis and Disabled Identity in Nineteenth Century Literature, by Alex Tankard, 2018
      • Reviewing Blindness in French Fiction, 1789–2013, by Hannah Thompson, 2017
      • Disabling Romanticism, edited by Michael Bradshaw, 2016
      • Disability in Comic Books and Graphic Narratives, edited by Chris Foss, Jonathan Gray, and Zach Whalen, 2016
      • The Literary and Linguistic Construction of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, by Patricia Friedrich, 2015

articles, essays, chapters, reviews

“Narrative Architecture and Autistic Voice in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.” Disabling Romanticism: Body, Mind, and Text. Ed. Michael Bradshaw. Palgrave Macmillan, 2016. 169-90.

“Here There Be Monsters: Teaching Disability Studies at CUNY’s Bronx Community College.” Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Pedagogy and Scholarship (special issue: “Teaching Disability,” ed. Sarah Chinn) 25.2 (Fall 2014/Winter 2016): 189-98.

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A Disability Awareness Poster Contest at Bronx Community College of The City University of New York (CUNY),” Disability Studies Quarterly 28.4 (Fall 2008).

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Mainstreaming Disability Studies?” Victorian Literature and Culture 34.1 (Spring 2006): 371-84.

“Tiny Tim, Blind Bertha, and the Resistance of Miss Mowcher:  Charles Dickens and the Uses of Disability,”  Dickens Studies Annual 34 (Summer 2004): 51-97.

“Study Guide for The Miracle Worker,” Commissioned for Generation BAM’s Real Heroes series.  Brooklyn, NY:  BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), Nov. 2003.

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Character and location entries. Oxford Reader’s Companion to Trollope. Ed. R.C. Terry. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999.   (approx. 200 entries—all character and location entries for Trollope’s Palliser novels.)

“More than a Civil (War) Friendship: Anthony Trollope and Frank Lawley,” Princeton University Library Chronicle LX.1 (Autumn 1998): 39-60.

Presentations/Talks/Conference Papers


“Autistic Articulations: From Frog & Toad to Andy Warhol.” University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA. 29 Oct 2016.

“Thoughts on Autistic Silence and Silencing Autism.” Prindle Institute Seminar, DePauw University, Greencastle, IN. 20 Jun 2016.

“YouDescribe: Building Video Accessibility through Service Learning.” Bronx EdTech Showcase. Lehman College, Bronx, NY. 6 May 2016.

“Absence, Apostrophe, Fragmentation: Autistic Rhetorics in FrankensteinCopperfield & ‘Bartleby'” (invited lecture). University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH. 29 Apr 2016.

“Rhetorics of Local Coherence & Autistic ‘Silence’ in Charlotte Brontë’s Villette.” Panel: Dis/ability in Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Culture. NeMLA (Northeast Modern Language Association), Hartford, Connecticut. 19 Mar 2016.

“Inclusive Curating: Autism-System-Art.” MAC Workshop: Theory into Practice: Learning from New Disability Scholarship. Museum Access Consortium. NYU Ability Lab. Brooklyn, NY. 20 Jul 2015.


“Lists, Lining-up, and Literary Autism.” The Future of Disability Studies Working Group, Center for the Study of Social Difference, Columbia University. New York, NY.

24 Oct 2014.


Manifest Pleasures: Litany, Utopia, and Literary Autism.” The Voice of Disability seminar series, Centre for Culture and Disability Studies (CCDS), Liverpool Hope University. Liverpool, United Kingdom. 8 Oct 2014.


Low-Stakes Writing / High-Stakes Thinking: Integrating ePortfolio and Writing-Across-the-Curriculum.” With Jordi Getman-Eraso, Kate Culkin, and Jeanine Kelley-Williams.  AAEEBL (Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning) Annual Portfolio Conference. Boston, MA. 30 Jul 2014.


Autism, System, Text.” AUTISM: A Spectrum of Celebration. Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York, New York. 10 April 2014.


Pushing the ePortfolio Envelope: Rethinking Learner Centered Pedagogies at Bronx Community College.” With Jordi Getman-Eraso and Kate Culkin. AAC&U (Association of American Colleges & Universities) Fifth Annual E-Portfolio Forum. Washnington, DC. 25 Jan 2014.


Like Gulliver in BrobdingnagCatcher in the Rye, Autism, and Collective Dissent in Singular Form.” Autism Studies Roundtable participant. American Studies Association (ASA) Annual Meeting, Washington, DC. 22 Nov 2013.


A Call to Order: Listmaking, Autism, and Creative Cognition,” Autism Studies Roundtable participant. South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA) Convention 2012. Research Triangle, NC. 10 Nov. 2012.


“(e)mproving ePortfolios: Student and Faculty Ownership and Learning at Bronx Community College.” With Jordi Getman-Eraso, Kate Culkin, and Howard Wach. AAEEBL (Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning) Annual Portfolio Conference. Seaport World Trade Center, Boston, MA. 18 July 2012.


Autistic Architecture in Digital Games: Narrative, Voice, Play.” Panelist/organizer, “Constructions of Autism: Theorizing Voice and Identity ‘On the Spectrum.’” ESA 2012–Cripples, Idiots, Lepers, and Freaks: Extraordinary Bodies / Extraordinary Minds. CUNY Graduate Center, New York, NY. 22 Mar. 2012.


Looking for Autism in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.” Invited speaker, AK Smith Visiting Scholar Lecture. Trinity College, Hartford, 15 Nov2011.


Detail and Abstraction:  Martha Stewart, Autism, and Utopian Narrative.” Invited Speaker. Composing Disability: Writing, Communication, Culture. George Washington University, Washington, DC. 3 Nov 2011.


Frankenstein’s ‘Monster’: Autism and Articulation in Mary Shelley’s Novel and Beyond.” Invited Speaker. Everybody Loves the Monster! New York Public Library, Central Research Division, New York, NY. 18 Aug 2011.


“What’s the Use? Blind ‘girls’ as Laborers or Commodity.” Rountable discussion on disability, labor, gender, and race. Organizer, Susan Burch. Berkshire Conference on the History of Women (theme: “GENERATIONS: Exploring Race, Sexuality, and Labor across Time and Space”). University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA. 11 Jun 2011.


ePortfolio in the Writing Classroom: Ownership and Agency in the Writing Process.” Technology in the Classroom Showcase. Bronx Community College, Bronx, New York. 28 Apr 2011.


A Blind Man Goes into a Whorehouse . . . : Blindness, Representation, Hypersexualization.” Invited speaker. Holman Society. Berkeley, CA. 14 Jan 2011.


“On Blindness.” Invited speaker. Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, San Francisco, CA. 13 Jan 2011.


Autistic Aloneness and Social Space: Robinson Crusoe and Narrative Architecture.” Presider/presenter. Panel on “Autism / Text.” MLA (Modern Language Association). 2011 Annual Convention. Los Angeles, CA. 6-9 Jan 2011.


Autism and Irony: Jonathan Swift and Larry David.” SDS (Society for Disability Studies). 2010 Annual Conference. Philadelphia, PA. 2-5 Jun 2010.


“Disposable Lives: The Short Road from Euthanasia to the Holocaust.” Invited speaker. Post-War New World Order Panel. Part of Bronx Community College’s year-long interdisciplinary co-curricular program, A Global Conflict that Shaped the World We Live in Today: A Commemoration of the Seventieth Anniversary of World War II (1939-2009). Bronx, NY. 9 Nov. 2009.


“Autism and the Uses of Irony: Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm and They Might Be Giants’ ‘Four of Two.’” NEPCA (Northeast Popular Culture Association). 2009 Fall Conference. Bayside, NY. 24 Oct. 2009.


“‘On the Spectrum’: Jane Eyre and Literary Autism.” Invited Speaker, CUNY Victorian Seminar. New York, NY. 4 Mar. 2009.


“A Program Celebrating Disability as Diversity at Bronx Community College.” Panel on Disability in Context: (Re)Defining Disability sponsored by the MLA Committee on Disability Issues in the Profession. MLA. 2008 Annual Convention. San Francisco, CA. 27-30 Dec. 2008.


“Cognitive Diversity.” Invited speaker, Club IMPACT. Bronx Community College, NY 30 Oct. 2008.


“Disability and Diversity.” Invited speaker, Accelerated Study in Associate Programs/Health Sciences Academy. Bronx Community College, NY. 23 Oct. 2008.


“Disability in Utopia.” SDS. 2008 Annual Conference. New York, NY. 18 Jun. 2008.


“The Measure of the Woman:  ‘Success’ and ‘Failure’ in the Breastfeeding Experience.”  SAMLA (South Atlantic Modern Language Association).  2005 Annual Conference.  Atlanta, GA.  4-6 Nov. 2005.


“On Blindness.”  American Name Society.  2003 Annual Conference.  San Diego, CA.  28 Dec. 2003.


“Misappropriations: Hugh Stuart Boyd and the Blindness of Elizabeth Barrett Browning.” CUNY Victorian Seminar. New York, NY. 8 Dec. 1999.


“Jews and the Trollope Question.” Social Moves: An Interdisciplinary Conference. Tulane University, New Orleans, LA. 8 Nov. 1997.


“The Corps of the Corpse: The Victorian Imagination and the Idea of the Other at the Paris Morgue.” The Dickens Project Winter Conference. University of California at Riverside, CA. 23 Feb. 1997.



Service/Professional Activity



Co-chair, University Seminar–Disability, Culture, and Society, Columbia University, 2015-present.


Co-chair, CUNY Disability Scholars Group, City University of New York, 2015-present.


Advisory Panel Member, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology, Bronx Community College, 2013-present.


Editorial Board Member, Journal of Literary and Cultural Disability Studies, 2007-present.


Advisory Panel Member, Center for Tolerance and Understanding, Bronx Community College, 2010-present.


Committee Member, English 11/12 committee, English department, Bronx Community College, 2007-present.



past service

Program Coordinator, Writing-Across-the-Curriculum (WAC), Bronx Community College, 2012-14.


Deputy Chair, English department, Bronx Community College, 2011-13.


Committee Member, Diversity Committee, Bronx Community College, 2013.


Member, ePortfolio pedagogy initiative, Bronx Community College / CUNY, 2012.


Faculty adviser, BOLD: BCC Organization for Leadership in Disability (student club), Bronx Community College, 2008-11.

  • Event coordinator, Disability Film Screening and Talkback with Lawrence Carter-Long, April 2011.
  • Event coordinator, “How Did Schizophrenia Become a Black Disease?” Jonathan Metzl, April  2011.
  • Event coordinator, “Come Out for Greg Walloch,” April 2010.
  • Event coordinator, Faculty Development Seminars in Disability Studies with Lennard J. Davis and Susan Burch, Spring 2007.

Faculty Advisory Committee Member—CUNY Master’s Program in Disability Studies, City University of New York (CUNY)—School of Professional Studies, 2008-11.


Committee member, WWII Commemorative Program, Bronx Community College, 2009.


Committee member, search committee—Director, Office of Disability Services, Bronx Community College, 2009, 2010.


Editorial board member, Encyclopedia of American Disability History, 2007-09.


Committee member, ASAP (Accelerated Study in Associated Programs), Bronx Community College, 2007-08.


Committee member, General Education committee, English Department, Bronx Community College, 2007-08.


Event Coordinator, “Welcoming the Unbidden: The Case for Conserving Human Biodiversity,” Rosemarie Garland Thomson, Sarah Lawrence College, Spring 2006.


Faculty adviser, Beyond Compliance (student-organized disability advocacy group), Sarah Lawrence College, 2005-06.



AAEEBL (Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning)

Columbia University Seminar in Disability Studies

Columbia University Seminar in Disability, Culture, and Society

CUNY Disability Scholars Group

Modern Language Association

North American Victorian Studies Association (NAVSA)

South Atlantic Modern Language Association

Society for Disability Studies

Victorianist Collective

Victorian Seminar, CUNY Graduate Center